On aime et soutient Jasmine Alexander et Sea Shepherd

Jasmine is an individual that has put everything, including her life, on the line, that has put all financial resources and every waking moment into a project with one of the most authentic conservation orgs to save the earth she, and everyone else stands on…

Paul Watson for 40 years has been saying ‘if the oceans die, we die’ – well, here is the evidence… The ocean is dying… Humanity is killing it… And Jasmine is just sick to death, literally, of the way humanity views everything, every other living being a commodity!

Jasmine has changed her career path years ago, before it was even cool to do collaboration with such conservation org. She abstained from consuming animals, on an ethical basis 27 years before it was ‘trendy’. Since she joined and collaborated with Sea Shepherd, Vivienne Westwood joined their Advisory Board, Stella McCartney then collaborated with them…

Other designers collaborate with safe high brow orgs, Jasmine collaborated with an Org that global press called a Guerrilla Conservation group, whose founder is wanted by Interpol. Other designers in her field design work and request payment for it, or promise to donate 5% or 10%, Jasmine designed and made an entire collection, funded by herself for this global conservation endeavour, and she is not a trust fund kid and her brand has received no investment. She has assigned 100% profit to the Org! None of the earnt money goes ‘on her’, it is all poured back into making a difference, saving lives! She is not working independently, collaborating with the Group but working WITH the Group engaging in international meetings with the various Global Directors weekly, often with Paul Watson’s personal support and involvement.

Far from remaining safe in her studio, Jasmine has joined the group on various endeavours in conservation campaigns, finding her chasing gun toting fishermen across precarious Rocky outcrops, armed with nothing but a film camera. This is not a twee and sweet story! This is messy,  tearstained, passion held by human being of unwavering resolve that is not blinded nor dazzled by the usual luxurious sparkle of this field or the commercial world as a whole.

And consequently she has been made an official Advisory Board member of Sea Shepherd, counting Captain Paul Watson and Yana Watson, at the helm of the group and various Global Directors, now as friends and comrades in peaceful arms.

The purpose of this collaboration is to create moments that can reach a new demographic… Sea Shepherd can already reach 6 million people… But these 6 million are already the conscious converted. The millions of millennials that follow fashion magazines… To reach them, inspire them, gain their support and through them re shape the world!

The collection is available in 3 physical states (Germany, Netherlands & TOPSHOP Oxford Street) and 7 international Sea Shepherd e-stores (US, Netherlands, Australia, France, Germany, Global, SSXJA)

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